Army Shadow Boxes

Retirement Gifts to Celebrate a Glorious Career in the Army

When its retirement time for any member of the Army, it calls for a celebration. The responsibility of being in the Army is not something that can be taken lightly and there is a lot of pride associated with the job. The Army men spend a large part of their lives serving the country and the service years are spent with fellow colleges so there’s also a tint of sadness attached to retirement. After serving years in the Army when the service men retire, they carry a world of memories with them that can be cherished and commemorated in various ways through thoughtful retirement gifts.

At the official retirement ceremony at the Army base, the retiree will be honored mostly with plaques or shadow boxes that will be testimony of all that they have seen and gone through during their duty. The retirement gifts are a way to show appreciation and regard for all that person has achieved in their Army life and all that he has done for the country.

The Army shadow boxes usually contain the symbol of insignia at the forefront and then there are many things that can be included in these boxes. They may contain the national flag that was once hoisted on the congress building. Medals that the retired Army general had received during his lifetime can also be arranged in the shadow boxes to reflect his courage and determination. Special photographs from memorable events or missions can also be included in the shadow boxes to make them really special. Whatever is kept inside these boxes hold testimony to the service, dedication and sacrifice that the retiree has made for his country and its people.

The Army shadow boxes are typically display cases with glass at the front so that all the contents are clearly visible and they make best retirement gifts because they can be customized the way you like them and these boxes can be kept in the living room or hall as keepsakes. The receiver loves to get these types of retirement gifts because they are reminders of the good and honorable times spent in service and they also display his or her achievements to the world.

Although Army shadow boxes with ready-made templates are available online, the customized ones are most popular because you can add your personal touch to them and ensure that it tells tales about the achievements of the retiring individual in a wonderful manner. Some of the things that can be included in these display cases are rank coins, uniforms, ribbons, pins, badges, photographs, patches, medals, certificates, considerations and many other things.

Apart from the shadow boxes, some of the other popular retirement gifts for the Army include plaques that are usually given by the junior members who served under the retiring individual. The retirement plaques are a great way to thank the person for all that he has done for the country. Other types of retirement gifts suitable for Army men and women are jackets, t-shirts, pens, letter openers, ties, and rings. Whatever you choose as a gift, it is the right presentation and personalization that matters the most.