Top 5 Destinations to Live Post Retirement from the Army

Throughout the service tenure, the U.S. government tells the Army men and women which city to call home, but when the retirement time comes closer and you get that discharge paperwork at hand, it becomes a tough choice for people to decide where to go and settle. According to the data, most veterans choose to stay close to the military/Army bases that they had been assigned to in the past. This is mainly because they have had a good experience serving in those areas. This is precisely why San Antonio is home to a large number of veterans.

In a survey by the Census Bureau about 577 destinations were checked for Army and veteran-specific livability and the two main parameters of this project includes economic and social condition of the places, which included crime, traffic, businesses, employers, schools, franchises and law enforcement agencies. Out of the 577 places, only 75 were considered livable.

San Diego is considered as the most livable of all and one of the biggest reasons behind this is the higher education system. The city is home to universities like University of San Diego and the San Diego State University that have been included in the top colleges for vets list for 2015. Apart from the education system, the city also has an attractive climate.

San Antonio also has a strong military and Army culture that makes it a top choice for vets. The city holds special events called the Veterans Day. Another awesome advantage of choosing this city is that you can purchase your own home for one-quarter the amount you would pay in some other place for the same property. The inexpensive cost of living makes this city a popular home for the retired Army and military personnel.

Washington is another good destination for retired Army men and women mainly because there are many opportunities for good jobs. There is also a lot of outdoor recreation facilities and other attractions that are sure to keep vets busy. Furthermore, the area has good schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Arlington also makes its place in the list of top destinations for Army personnel to live post retirement. Although the cost of living in this city is comparatively high, the strong public transit system allows you to save money by walking more and driving less to reach nearby areas. So, the key lies in choosing what you really want from the place you will call home.

Virginia Beach is another top destination that has an average of 23.6-minute travel time to work, which is great. The Mayor wants to improve the transport and a large road project in underway to make connectivity better. Also, rate of crime is much less in the city as compared to others. There are also many job opportunities available for Army spouses and the retired Army men and women, so Virginia Beach can well be your home.

The choice of the city whether small or big will completely depend upon the personal needs of the veterans and their family members. However, the top five destinations stand tall in most of the common things that an Army family would look for in a place they would call their own.